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How AI Will Impact Your Business

The worlds of “Terminator” and “Matrix” have become a reality but not in the nightmarish way we thought it would be. AI has been revolutionizing how industries and companies work in ways that were completely unforeseeable just a few years ago.

Our work environments are undoubtedly transforming into places where technology is inherent to the operational process, and employees must adapt to new ways of working. This is what some people call the fourth industrial revolution.

Influences of AI in Companies

From the top to the bottom, AI has revamped workplaces and jobs. Owners and managers have introduced multiple applications based on data usage patterns with the objective of increasing efficiency in their business.

Here are three examples of this process:

1) Reduce operational work: while more tasks are becoming automated, more operational jobs have stopped needing human physical interaction. Machines are helping employees to reduce those operational tasks and increment their focus on things that truly matter. According to SnapLogic, provider of the #1 Intelligent Integration Platform, 81% of employees improved their performance at work because of AI.

2) Customer service is improving since the start of the pandemic: more companies have enhanced their marketing departments with AI. Companies like Amazon pioneered the use of AI to prove tailored recommendations based on previous acquisitions of customers.

Another example is chatbots that are able to answer customers much faster than humans can do … and all day and night. Akka, the company in The Netherlands that helps the world´s industry leaders to engineer their products into reality started to use chatbots to support HR process. According to their CTO, Rachid Kherrazi, The Chatbot should take all the repetitive work out of the hands of HR. It should be an optimized chatbot that automates a lot of the frequently asked questions! In this way, HR have more time to help people with specific problems”.

3) Fraud detection: Fraud has decreased in the last year since machine learning has become more powerful and accurate. According to Security Company McAfee, cybercrime costs the global economy $600 billion in 2017 alone.

However, that amount started to reduce because AI can identify irregular credit card behavior patterns thanks to the availability of large volumes of customer data, together with transactional data that is updated as transactions occur.

AI Maximize Results in Your Company

As fast AI has developed in the last few years, more and more companies have implemented new technologies. The key is to see which data can be useful to your business and how can you adapt the information to the correct strategies.

Hiring the right candidates can be such an annoyance, but having the correct professional is now necessary to increase your efficiency. That´s why we want to work as an extension of your HR team to help find the correct professional that will help you increase your sales and develop your operations.

Book an appointment here if you want to be part of the fourth industrial revolution.


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