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Netherlands 2021: The Hottest New Tech Jobs

Did you know that 2.5 quintillions (with 18 zeros, 2 500 000 000 000 000 000) bytes of data are produced by humans every day? In comparison, in pennies spread out over the land, this amount would cover the entire planet five times over. An unimaginable amount of information is flowing around the web, making both positive and negative impacts. Even though the COVID-19 crisis has seen millions of people lose their jobs, newly created opportunities in the field of AI and data have emerged.

Topics like cybercrime and data science have influenced companies and governments to start making data a priority. It Is not surprising how roles that are related to data and artificial intelligence became the hottest jobs today. According to educational organization Udacity, the new hiring trends of 2021 have focused on roles that can develop and impact the workforce for years to come.

As we mentioned in our article The Influence of Data in Companies’ Decisions, the importance of professionals who can translate information, handle databases and construct a complete strategy is in high demand, especially in countries such as The Netherlands who are leading the way in all things automation.

So, what kind of jobs are appearing right now in Holland?

4 Hottest New Tech Jobs Required in The Netherlands

Linkedin has grown out to be the number 1 platform worldwide for work-related subjects with over 740 million members and over 55 million registered companies. They use their databases to predict and identify the hottest jobs of the year. Statistics show 15 different categories of high-demand positions and one of them is called AI and data science.

It is not strange that this category is part of the top 15 emerging professional groups in The Netherlands. Data is becoming a part of everyday life and of everybody’s work. And skills such as tensor flow, deep learning, machine learning, computer vision, and data science are invaluable. In cities like Amsterdam, Eindhoven, The Hague, Utrecht, and Rotterdam you will find a job most easily.

But, which specific professionals are required?

a) Engineers: According to Udacity, this is a specific role that has grown in demand by 35% growth every year since 2015. Being a highly skilled engineer will play an important role in a team. Especially with knowledge of sensor fusion, hybrid cloud, and machine learning.

Some of the most coveted roles are robotics software engineers, cloud developers, to name but two.

b) Artificial Intelligence Specialists: These will become the most sought-after specialists. As humans need water to live, professionals in AI with the correct skills are essential. In 2024 it´s estimated that worldwide spending on AI will rise to more than $110 billion. From €50 billion in 2020.

In the past four years, the roles in this field have grown by 74% and during the pandemic, it became clear that the demand was only going to rise further. The use of phones, streaming services, video games, GPS, and chatbots created the necessity of optimizing systems for the clients and therefore, the acquisition of new professionals.

c) Data Science Specialists: These roles have been growing by 46% since 2019. The handling of data and new trends created a necessity for people who can analyze, break down, segment, and interpret the data.

Companies are looking for professionals who are more than just an analyst; they need a person that can generate business based on data.

d) Digital Marketing Professionals: As a consequence of the pandemic, the amount of data generated by users increased every day. This was an opportunity to enhance stronger connections with clients.

This situation where everything is migrating online, allowed companies to invest in people who can help them with monetization, data analysis, and Search Engine Optimalisation. Therefore, the demand for these professionals has grown by 33% in the last year.

Why Should You Choose One of the Emerging Jobs?

It is clear the world is moving forward and those who are adapting and learning new skills such as AI, machine learning, IT automation, cloud-native architecture, and cybersecurity will have excellent job security.

These kinds of jobs will help you to continually evolve. Learning constantly will increase your knowledge and new skills which are going to help you to be competitive in the market.

Also, taking on such a role in The Netherlands will give you the opportunity to be at the forefront of the European tech industry.

Another reason is the fact that all these jobs can be done from home. This means professionals in data and AI are choosing to work from multiple destinations which allows them to focus on their job with a higher quality of life.



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