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What Data Engineers Want 2023

Download the full report from this link and it's absolutely for FREE!


Data Engineers have taken place in the market with the development of Data & AI. More companies have incorporated this role within their organizations. However, with the fast increase in demand, it has been seen that there's a misalignment between Data Engineers and companies.

To construct a better understanding of what Data Engineers are looking for, where they are standing in the market, and establish which direction the market is developing towards, we created a survey with 101 Data Engineer respondents, 98% of them are located in The Netherlands and Belgium and 2% are in other countries of Europe.

At the end of this report, you will have a more detailed understanding of what Data Engineers want and:

  • Insights into the average salaries and hourly rates for Data Engineers in The Netherlands in 2023.

  • The reason why companies have difficulty filling their positions. And it is not what you think.

  • The differences in expectations and drivers of Juniors, Mediors, and Seniors.

  • How Data Engineers spend most of their time and which tools they favor.

  • What are the best sources to follow for keeping up with relevant developments.

To get the full report, download it directly from this link and it's absolutely for FREE!



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