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7 Reasons Why Web Analysts Won´t Join Your Company

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

7 reasons why Web Analysts wont join your company
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In the last two years, The Netherlands has seen the number of tech vacancies grow 6 times faster than the labor force. The number of IT jobs increased 96%, against a talent elevation of just 16%.

For data professionals, the amount of skilled work overflows, but for hiring managers and recruiters, it was not the same story. The problem arrives when a company is in need for a good candidate, but either the prospect is not in The Netherlands or does not meet all the requirements.

Is this something you can relate with? Because this was our biggest issue last month, especially with Web Analysts.

The Dutch Government is stimulating the chances to bring in more skilled professionals from other countries, but still, candidates must be qualified for the “Highly Skilled Migrant Visa”. This requirement demands the companies to execute so much paperwork and more than that, it consumes a lot of time.

So, what can you do right now that will increase your chances exponentially of attracting top talent to your organization?

Quick Solution For You!

Start with getting absolutely clear on what it is you need. Which key skills are most important and crucial for the role you are looking for? Ideally, this should not be more than five different demands. Second, make your recruitment process, from search to hire, lean and effective. Do not risk losing good candidates along the way to your competitors because you are too slow.

The truth is that attracting good people is a skilled and time-consuming job. That is why you should find help from an experienced recruiter and make your life easy. Hire just 1 recruiter, not as many as you can find. Hiring one will make that he works his butt off for you and make you his top priority. Recruiters will always give their best candidates to their most committed clients. The clients that bet on everybody get whoever has left down the line.

If you want more tips on how to make your company attractive to the top data professionals, then download the eBook “7 Reasons Why Web Analysts do not work with your company”.

Are you interested in sharing your thoughts or do you need help with finding the ideal professional for your organization? Send us a message at and we will get in touch with you.

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